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Story: CES 2009: How I Barely Avoided An Epic FailTotal Replies: 3
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Jan 09, 2009
7:18 PM EDT
Honest to gosh, how do these people get through the day? Do they all have keepers who feed them and clothe them and keep them from walking in front of speeding trucks? The Epic Fail was not yours, Scott. And it's a wonderful tag line :)

Jan 09, 2009
11:27 PM EDT
Thank You Carla, its nice to know I am not a failure and can write a decent tag line too. ;-)


Jan 10, 2009
12:16 AM EDT
But can you write a decent gag line?

Jan 10, 2009
2:26 PM EDT
Just so people do not think I skipped vendors..

Toshiba - No

Samsung - No

Panasonic - No

Hitachi - No

Sony - No

Fujitsu - No

Sharp - No

Nokia - No

Still looking...

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