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Mar 22, 2009
9:39 AM EDT
Sorry, but I foresee me having a desktop until I stop using computers. Maybe when I die.

I'm too old and my eyesight failing too much to put any belief in using a tiny screen and thumbing in my input on any regular basis. I have a mobile phone and only want it to phone people with for this reason.

I also don't plan on trusting any corporation to hold all my data. Not only do I doubt their security, but I like to own my personal data myself.

Others can do as they please.


Mar 22, 2009
10:41 AM EDT
People have been predicting the death of the desktop since the early 1990's, if I remember correctly, arguing that everyone would perfer mobile and speciality devices. There has been a degree of truth to this, but overall the desktop still seems to be doing fine. Especially when you consider that there's no effective difference between a laptop and a desktop when the laptop has a 17" screen, 2GB of memory, a dual core processor, a usb keyboard and mouse, and an external monitor. It seems the current generation of laptops can be more accurately considered mobile desktops. The market for mobile devices (mostly phones and netbooks now) is an additional market, not a replacement for the desktop.

Mar 22, 2009
12:46 PM EDT
Viva Linux! Viva CheTux!

The only thing that will kill the desktop, any desktop is the RIAA and the government.

Mar 22, 2009
12:50 PM EDT
The RIAA can't kill the desktop. They have little if any impact and have already given up on suing people who download music. The government can't and won't either. It is already a major user of Linux on the server.

What could kill Linux? Zealots invoking Che Guevara maybe. Associating Linux with a violent Marxist revolutionary is a sure way to turn people off in the U.S.

Mar 22, 2009
1:20 PM EDT
Does that mean someone is finally going to stick a cork in Stallman?

Mar 22, 2009
5:24 PM EDT
caitlyn, chill girl. You have been here long enough to know that nothing I say is serious. Except Viva Tux. I will bow to your tech knowledge but not so much in many other subjects.

I cannot believe someone took me literally. Maybe I am gaining gravitas?

Mar 23, 2009
9:58 AM EDT
The desktop is dissolving into the browser. GMail, Yahoo, yadda-yadda webmail is ubiquitous.

Microsoft "upgrading" HotMail as part of "Windows Live" & pretending to be facebook/myspace/whatever as well shows that they are aware of this. They are inflating their environment beyond the actual operating system.

Watch for sneaky extensions to IE8 as they try to sneak a hammerlock on the remaining web browsers, forcing users locked into IE8 to run it on a Microsoft hardware platform.

It may not be a desktop as such, but super-cheap netbooks (under half of the current price) look likely to appear in about 6 months, which will NOT be x86-based, so will NOT run any known versions of MS-Windows, implying that... Linux will rule the was-once-desktop.

The difficulty with the future is being able to predict it. (-:

Mar 23, 2009
10:51 AM EDT
Ya know, when we see such incredible, unfathomable stupidity and corruption such as using Windows in military networks, with predictable infestations and failures, followed by predictable excuses and minimizing ("Operations were not affected, we just couldn't launch the jets!"), maybe it's time for a new Che to lead a new revolution. Because reason and persuasion don't seem to be working.

Mar 23, 2009
10:58 AM EDT
>> ...a new Che...

Either you meant to type ...a non-Che..., or you really don't understand what he was.

I'll agree wholeheartedly with Caitlyn here; association with Che is just about the worst thing that could happen to Linux.

Mar 23, 2009
11:32 AM EDT
NoDough: No Problem. No revolution for you.


Mar 23, 2009
12:23 PM EDT
Here it comes to Save Linux:

Quoting:The Nu - Che!
Spicy, Hot and with no match in performance. It Really makes you come clean (or cleaned out, sorry I can not remember which at the moment).

In any case, like Salsa I take mine mild.


Mar 24, 2009
5:24 AM EDT
Shouldn't that be "The Gnu Che"?


Mar 24, 2009
5:27 AM EDT
Yah, isn't "nu" French for naked?

Mar 24, 2009
8:26 AM EDT
Quoting:... isn't "nu" French for naked?
Don't, know. However, I am not attracted to heavily bearded ladies no matter how much skin is shown. Now Gnu Che ... that has a nice ring to it. Or is it just in my ears ringing from the latest volley?


Mar 24, 2009
2:24 PM EDT
The desktop and the browser have been integrated for longer than most of us think. In Windows, the browser and file manager (or whatever you call it) work pretty much alike (until IE 7 screwed the whole thing up ...). And the way KDE integrates configuration with Konqueror -- same kind of thing.

The whole idea of making Internet and local data more equal is something that I think will continue.

But the key is choice. There will always be a place for local data and client apps that aren't Web browsers. As long as there is interoperability between local and network-based apps, that choice should be there.

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