They can License their own stuff anyway they choose.

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Apr 27, 2009
11:53 PM EDT
Naturally they can't override the GPL, but what's the point in extracting the GPLed code, you'd be better off to simply use Ubuntu or Debian as your source. Personally I wish them good luck, I hope for their sake they have something, those scripts they refer to, perhaps, that makes it worthwhile purchasing separate copies for each computer it's installed on to.

Apr 28, 2009
1:33 AM EDT
It's clear that iMagicOS can write their proprietary license. It doesn't override the GPL and you can extract the GPL code from their OS. You can't reproduce or use anything they have added which is proprietary code.

iMagicOS offered to send me a DVD sometime back if I'd write a review. I politely declined because of their license. I can't imagine anything that they do would make it so much better than Ubuntu to justify the price. I'm sure they'll find a few relatively ignorant people (ignorant when it comes to Linux, anyway) to sell it to. Looking at their website I see little if anything to recommend this distro over any other.

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