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May 01, 2009
3:18 PM EDT
Back in the old days of win3.11 there actually was a tutorial, that come with windows exactly like you described. It had several - for lack of a better word - pages, that alyways started with a demonstration, and then required the user to repeat it. It started from basics of single/double clicking and drag'n'drop, than the most well known dialog box widgets (radiobuttons, comboboxes etc) and I think it ended in a simulated Win3.11 desktop, where you would learn what a Program group, and a program is.

Of course to start it you needed to know where to find it. (Somewhere in the Help menu, if I remember correctly.) So of course it needed the same prior knowlidge, that it promised to teach. Still I belive a similar tutorial should be made by the creators of the two big desktop environments, and should be added to their helps. But I personally don't think it should be asked everytime one installs the system, that do you want to take the basic WIMP tour, since if someone could install the OS, that someone most deffinetly must know how to double click.

So I can only imagine a use of such tutorial, that it's started up by someone like you, and than asking your sixty year old friend to do what the monitor tells him/her.

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