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Story: Why FOSS Matters to Me (But Maybe Not to You)Total Replies: 0
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Nov 11, 2009
7:21 AM EDT
Bruce is right that the concept of FOSS is confusing to new comers. Reading it brought back memories of my own apprehension toward FOSS in the beginning. I had long forgotten those early fears.

Being geeky, I didn't have so much trouble accepting that this software was different from the stuff made by corporations. I did fear that switching over would put me on an island. What if I can't make it work? What if I can't communicate with others? What if the skills I gain are not transferable to what businesses use? What if I invest time and money in it and it just disappears?

In 1998 Linux was still very young and basic and it certainly didn't have all the conveniences we have now. Technically it was still pretty daunting to somebody who was proud to be able to loadhigh stuff in config.sys. Years later I'm more confident that Linux is a stayer than that other OS and I trust FOSS more to do what I need than proprietary products, but overcoming that initial fear is real.

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