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Story: Dell removes "Ubuntu is safer than Microsoft® Windows® " statement from websiteTotal Replies: 13
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Jun 17, 2010
4:38 PM EDT
Dell didn't remove anything Ubuntu-related.

I think they just changed the link.


Jun 17, 2010
4:46 PM EDT
I don't see anywhere on that link that say Ubuntu® is safer than Windows®. Although I don't care if they display it.

Just, what the heck does "Unwarrented" means? Sounded like a FUD terminology.

Jun 17, 2010
5:04 PM EDT
Quoting:Just, what the heck does "Unwarrented" means? Sounded like a FUD terminology.

The WordNet meaning which is most applicable here is "lacking justification", but you're right, it's weasel-words, perhaps counting on most people not even having a general contextual definition for the word. They should just come right out and say "unneeded".

Jun 17, 2010
5:59 PM EDT
Perhaps because of the initial overwhelming sentiment at their IdeaStorm site, Dell seems to have TRIED to PLACATE the FOSS folks. Perhaps they know they're as likely to buy Dell as anything else.

But it has been clear from the very beginning that (1) Dell doesn't WANT to listen (2) Dell DOESN'T listen (3) Dell is still sucking at the Microsoft teat.

Then, what do we EXPECT? Do we really expect any for-profit, publicly held corporation to care about anything BUT share prices???

It's sad, but true.

I believe Bob Lewis commented to the effect that corporations HAVE no morals. If you WANT morals in your business, you must bring your OWN.

So, are they a reflection of the greater society within which they exist and from which they were born? It doesn't speak well of us, does it?

Jun 17, 2010
6:16 PM EDT
Speaking as someone who's personally been called by Microsoft's own PR firm (Wag Ed, at the time, 2001). Creepy experience, lemme tell you.

My view of all of this: Probably, if this had not made its way onto the pages of the Linux press (here, for example), the site would have remained as it was for quite a long time.

Yes, probably someone from Microsoft did get wind of the page because of the attention here (possibly other Linux sites? I only read Linux news here, so I don't know).

Yes, probably someone at Dell was called onto the carpet or asked to change it.

In any case, as long as they continue shipping PCs with Linux, I think we should be happy -- and if stuff like this happens, so be it -- it's more of a distraction than anything else from the important stuff that's going to happen whether or not Dell decides to hype Linux or not ;)


Jun 17, 2010
6:45 PM EDT

Dell have not removed the web age, though it's obvious you didn't read the original report where (6) has been reworded to (6) Ubuntu is secure, According to industry reports, Ubuntu is unaffected by the vast majority of viruses and spyware. (actually read in part) ((Ubuntu is more secure, stable and faster than windows 7))

That's the trouble when you don't keep up with the daily news, you miss the real story and once it is removed it's gone, so you don't actually know what it was all about,

Jun 17, 2010
7:13 PM EDT
The flood gate is open the Linux wave (Rave) is getting bigger and bigger by the day, MS knows it's coming, but don't know when, all their dirty tricks and dealing can't stop it. There are now to many big Linux IT supporters against them making that wave bigger and stronger, the inevitable is one day the Linux wave will crash on Redmond and wipe their windows out, (RIP-MS)

Jun 17, 2010
7:54 PM EDT
TomTasche: That's why I included the screenshot:

The thingy in the "black pentagon" in the screenshot, is the content which was replaced. But, when replacing / substituting something, overwriting something usually means, what was there, is lost, is deleted.

Fericyde: Heise was first;

I thought I might link directly to Dell's website, exactly the same which I did with the letter of Ms. Kroes Heise referred to. When posting here on LXer, I thought of how posting this advertizement is a violation of the Terms of Service, and to show people this is 'newsworthy' I quoted "list item" (6), because I thought Dell saying Ubuntu is more secure than Windows _is_ news, even if wrapped in an advertizement.

Jun 17, 2010
8:20 PM EDT
The VarGuy already noticed this statement 8 days ago:

Jun 17, 2010
10:51 PM EDT
Yep, it was there, it was great to see, and I am very certain Microsoft pressured Dell into submission like they've done with so many other hardware vendors.

Jun 18, 2010
7:01 AM EDT
And now, it gets even more attention than before!

Jun 18, 2010
7:10 AM EDT
Yep, it was there... i(newbie2) posted it also on the ubuntu forum : ;-P

Jun 18, 2010
9:24 AM EDT
Personally, I'm hoping Dell got a few $$$ for removing it... You might blast 'em for doing things like removing it,... But I give 'em credit for having the chops to put it up in the first place... (& YES I did actually see the first version).

I'm still upset that buying the same laptop with Ubuntu is more expensive than buying it with M$ Windoze Sevin. I guess I have to chalk that up to M$'s $$$ at work again,... subsidizing hardware costs. You know, if M$ is going to throw money at PC manufacturers,... let them. I'll pick up the version of the machine that's cheaper, the Linux or the Win version, and in both cases wipe the hard drive to install my own favorite Linux distro (I don't like the way Dell partitions the hard drives). Sure, my purchase doesn't count as a Linux machine if I buy the machine with windoze. But, I at least support a company that suppports Linux, and I also have a cognizable argument for using video codecs from other OS manufacturers (Hey, I purchased the license!!! I'm only using a PART of it, though... ).

But at least Dell STILL ships Linux machines, and HAS shipped more of them than any PC maker. As much as I get p-ssed at them from time to time,... the ARE still supporting Linux. I can think of no other major manufacturer that makes buying a Linux machine as easy as them (HP has Linux machines but makes it real tough to find them)... and I can think of only ONE dedicated Linux Only PC manufacturer, off the top of my head. But ZaReason is a relatively small shop.

Jun 18, 2010
9:52 AM EDT
> ...and I can think of only ONE dedicated Linux Only PC manufacturer...


I'm sure there are others. You might try looking here:

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