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  16. Patent troll claims to own Bluetooth, scores $15.7M verdict against Samsung
  17. Dell updates Linux-powered Developer Edition portables with M3800 monster
  18. Highly critical “Ghost” allowing code execution affects most Linux systems
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  20. Linus Torvalds responds to Ars about diversity, niceness in open source
  21. ToleranUX: Satirical Linux fork mocks calls for open source diversity
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  23. Netflix Is Finally Coming To Linux Without The Need For Hacky Tricks
  24. XBMC is Dead, Long Live Kodi Entertainment Center!
  25. Top US patent judge resigns following “ethical breach”
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  27. Using a Linksys Wi-Fi router? It could be ripe for remote takeover
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  32. Hands-on: hacking WiFi Protected Setup with Reaver
  33. HP kills TouchPad and webOS phones, looks to unload PC business
  34. Nokia confirms N9 MeeGo phone not coming to US
  35. A risky currency? Alleged $500,000 Bitcoin heist raises questions
  36. SCOTUS makes patent holders happy, upholds $290M Microsoft verdict
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