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Story: Will Russia's Move to GNU/Linux Prompt Microsoft to Repair Its Image?Total Replies: 0
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Oct 29, 2010
11:19 PM EDT
Quote: I know that I'll get some heat for this, but I will recommend it anyway: open source the entire Windows stack with the exception of the Windows kernel.

There were a lot of things I'd have liked to comment on in this article, but I will satisfy myself with just the above quote. I haven't seriously used any version of Windows as my day-to-day desktop now for about 10 years, however my probably incomplete understanding is that a huge cluster of major problems (especially those to do with security) actually lie in the kernel and how it operates. The writer is therefore recommending that these problems should not be opened to scrutiny and repair.

My current impression would be that if Microsoft were to do as the writer suggests in the above quote, it would be like decorating a pig-sty with curtains and bay-windows. If the writer is serious about opening the Windows code, then it all has to be opened, warts and all; you do not put a perfectly repaired mansion on top of a faulty foundation.

And now let's be serious......the way I see Redmond "politics and strategies", it just isn't going to happen. In any event, given a choice, I no longer even remotely consider Windows as an operating system on any computer I use.

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