This is what Mandriva is known for

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Jan 29, 2011
12:54 PM EDT
User friendliness is what Mandriva is known for and IMHO they do a lot better job of it than that U distro thingy. Hopefully with the new ownership their finances won't be in the Linux/tech press and the quality of their distro will be.

The only distro that may have outdone Mandriva for ease of use is Pardus 2011. That one is impressive.

Jan 30, 2011
2:49 AM EDT
caitlyn - I also really enjoyed Pardus, but I had difficulty finding a software repo mirror that's not slow as molasses to access from where I live. Perhaps I should look again. :/

Jan 31, 2011
5:52 PM EDT
I'm really looking forward to the upcoming fork...the community fork. Magia or something....maybe magenta. No, it's wait...

Linux naming schemes honestly need some improvement. Regardless, I am looking forward to a stable release.



Feb 01, 2011
7:38 PM EDT
It's been a real problem in general for linux: really cool software with dorky names. Sort of the opposite of microsoft, which has really dorky software with cool names.

Feb 01, 2011
8:18 PM EDT
> Linux naming schemes honestly need some improvement.

Yeah, it's such a shame "Bob" has been used already.

Feb 01, 2011
9:51 PM EDT
You could reclaim Bob for open-source. Maybe GNU/Bob ??

Feb 01, 2011
9:55 PM EDT
I just cannot get the image out of my mind of when Pitor in UserFriendly coded Clippy the Helpful Paperclip into vi.

"It looks like you're writing an extortion letter. Can I help?"

Feb 02, 2011
12:09 PM EDT
Microsoft didn't take all names yet, some are "up for picking".

Hamlock, Manning, Harper, Silver Star, Revel Stoke, Salmo, Timothy; they're all up for taking. I'm pretty sure Windows 8's codename will be "Troll".

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