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Mar 29, 2011
1:27 AM EDT
If you want to migrate from KMail to Thunderbird (as I checked, TB has an import option, but it cannot import anything) convert your mailboxes from maildir to mbox type. Of course if your mailbox was mbox you don't have to do anything. Then simply copy mbox file into TB directory, start TB and voila -- you have your mailbox in TB.

Second, the last 2 days I spent on migrating from KMail/KDE3 to Thunderbird -- you know, the most popular open-source email client, well-polished and so on. No way to customize keyboard shorcuts (I am talking about core program), BROWSER setting not recognized, clipped all text entries (lower several pixel of every text displayed), no way of set the font size and colors (compare this to KMail capabilities), and so on and on. Generally speaking, ability to customize the program is very narrow.

So I got back to KMai/KDE3. I don't want to use KDE4 version because of all the problems you mentioned. It appears KDE3 was and is the best suite because the number of problems are at minimum.

It is good luck, KDE3 is still available for opensuse 11.4 as ready to install packages and I just wonder for how long we will have to use KDE3 because there will be only some kind of sick competition...

Mar 29, 2011
7:26 AM EDT

Trinity-DE, the fork of KDE3, is alive. It works, and I use Kmail-trinity every day successfully.

Claws-mail also looks good, from my investigations, if you want something stand-alone.

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