Ubuntu 11.04 problem with install

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May 21, 2011
9:18 PM EDT
Carling, You are right on target to jump-up. I agree that It is a red-faced problem that should not have made it into a distro. I had the same problem you mentioned.

However, There is a solution in hand.

On the Arron-Kelly Net blog, the problem was pointed on April 29, 2011. On the Ubuntu forum, the problem has been dealt with similarly.

Using the Live-CD, Ubuntu 11.04 will install properly.

"" start Arron-Kelly Net

My reading seems to indicate that this happens if you upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 which itself had been upgraded from Ubuntu 10.04, and grub was never reinstalled.

I think it is completely ridiculous that this bug made it all the way to the Ubuntu 11.04 final release — leaving the system unbootable after an upgrade is a disaster.

"" end Arron-Kelly Net


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