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Jun 29, 2011
6:20 PM EDT
It is still mine.

Jun 30, 2011
4:37 AM EDT
Under normal circumstances, I never, never run a pure Windows OS ~ and when I do, I am always extremely nervous about whether or not this will be the day when the OS collapses and BSODs. All my Windows based software now runs on Crossover inside Linux and even that is limited to Photoshop7, Quicken, Word (which is ONLY used for document testing purposes) and a mapping program that simply is not available anywhere else. My Windows version is XP and it runs as a standalone system, is used for just one program (seriously), and is never connected to the internet....strangely enough, it seems to continue running well, but then Windows was designed as a stand-alone system and that is how it works best (in my opinion anyhow).

Tracyanne, I really and most sincerely sympathise with you and all those Linux users who are compelled by work to have to use Windows.....I know whenever I do so on those very, very rare occasions, there is constant stress and sheer pleasure when the OS is shut down. I guess I am just one of the "almost perfectly lucky" ones.

Postscript. Saw these next day. Apparently a Windows virus variant is now doing the rounds with 4.5 million infections so far and the comments I have seen (Register and BBC) indicate it is almost impossible (at the moment) to remove. Not nice at all:



Jun 30, 2011
9:08 PM EDT
I started a new 'day job' a couple of months ago and I have had to use Windows more in that time than I have have in over two years..I am not enjoying it..

Jul 01, 2011
3:22 PM EDT
I use Windows about half time in my day job, and have the opportunity to see (and often assist) others use it.

The problem these days isn't BSOD -- those days are pretty much over. No, the real problem we're seeing is viruses/malware/trojans, etc., despite using antivirus software. It's been running pretty rampant. It's probably the worst I've ever seen.

Jul 01, 2011
3:45 PM EDT
> No, the real problem we're seeing is viruses/malware/trojans, etc., despite using antivirus software.

Yep. The virus scanners simply can't keep up with the various malware out there, especially the stuff which comes in through the browser. I had a laptop which came in recently with the TDSS rootkit on it. That thing was a royal pain to remove, especially since none of the virus scanners actually identified it as what it was: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/06/29/tdss_alureon_advance...

Jul 01, 2011
5:02 PM EDT
I've been lucky, mostly because I have a Linux machine for most uses, but I've seen people have the system taken down by malware, the IT guy reimages the box (no scalpel here, it's all sledgehammer), and then a half-hour later it goes to hell again.

Jul 01, 2011
8:15 PM EDT
Once again, I have had the privilege of fixing a broken Windows update for my sister, who doesn't dare to let me put Linux on her netbook before the warranty is gone. It's a shame -- it's a nice little HP Mini-210 with a genuine dual-core (N550) cpu and a very readable screen.

Somebody please explain why Microsoft still can't make an update utility that knows how to recognize and deal with a corrupted download, rather than try to install it, fail to install it, then pretend to re-download the patch all over again next-time the updater is run -- and then of course fail once more to install the same, old, corrupted patch again.

To my poor old, non-techie brain, it just seems too idiotic for words. I'm tempted to think that maybe Microsoft products (especially Windows) just aren't as wonderful as they're reputed to be. But I'm just a non-techie book-dealer who doesn't even work in IT -- what would I know?



Jul 02, 2011
10:02 AM EDT
I did a blog not too long ago about a college student complaining of the same problem and a Linux user sitting a couple of tables over showed him his Linux laptop. I don't know if the Windows guy ever went forward with it but I did witness the demonstration and he was pretty impressed. The Student Union was really busy due to freshman registrations so I couldn't hear everything, but I do know that he was complaining about updates corrupting on his Vista laptop and even his Win7 after he spent 150.00 to upgrade.


That's sad

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