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Jul 21, 2011
3:28 PM EDT
Nokia just needs to give up and sell their company to their competitors. They've made far too many utterly stupid business decisions, and their failure is imminent. Who these days would want to buy a Symbian phone? And Windows phones aren't exactly super-popular with users either, so betting the company on that is dumb. Their best move would be to start selling off pieces of the company, or the company as a whole, to the highest bidder. They were leaders in the 90s, but now they've been eclipsed by Apple, Samsung, HTC, and others.

Jul 21, 2011
11:25 PM EDT
Lets face it, they squandered the lead the had with Maemo devices and the top notch N900. I still would buy the N900 over any Android device on the market (and plan to pick up a backup). Nearly 3 years and nothing compares, at least with its raw capabilities. Android cripples the Linux OS running under it while Maemo celebrated it. Not even the N9 running Meego compares... They removed some of the awesome hardware features the N900 has (like IR, FM broadcast and video out). My hopes are now with HP, and Web OS, or some, as yet, unknown Atom based Meego phone that is yet to materialize.

Jul 22, 2011
9:24 AM EDT
Exactly JaseP. They had a device that was slick and easy to use, yet designed for the power users to be able to do all sorts of stuff with. I LOVE my N900. But then the management lost their minds apparently..... *cry*

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