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Aug 03, 2011
6:27 PM EDT
Maybe I've become spoiled or maybe I am just getting lazy but I downloaded the final release, burned it to disk and booted it on my laptop. The first thing I noticed is that it used wicd. The second thing I noticed is my wireless would not connect. It not only would not connect, it said there were no wireless connections in my vicinity.

I was sitting two feet from it.

I like that they forked Mandriva. I like what they've done with mageia but I have no interest in further looking at it. Sure I could have messed around and fixed it, but I didn't. I booted Mint, Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS live CD's in a row and all of them connected to my wireless immediately.

Mageia didn't even see my wireless.

Trouble is, lots of people like me won't revisit it. If it fails that quickly...what's the point? Too many distros work without a bit of tinkering.

I no longer tinker to make Linux work. If it doesn't work OOTB for me, I then have a new coaster.

Aug 03, 2011
9:29 PM EDT
Quoting: I no longer tinker to make Linux work. If it doesn't work OOTB for me, I then have a new coaster.

I haven't for quite some time, and yes if it doesn't work OOTB, same here.

Aug 03, 2011
11:32 PM EDT
Which suggests a question: WHY isn't it working?

It might be an issue with hardware support, or a scripting error, or even a bug in a binary.

A little tinkering can go a long way when reporting an issue of this type. Add if you never report it, how can you expect them to improve their product?

Aug 04, 2011
3:29 AM EDT
Think it shows the long way Linux has come these days. When one distro doesn't work OTB, there's always another one which does!

Aug 04, 2011
9:36 AM EDT
We still need the last mile, where every distro works OOTB....

Aug 04, 2011
9:56 AM EDT
While I might tend to agree, you need to keep on mind that some of us are early adopters of "new" or obscure (at least to the consumer market) technologies, such as UMPCs, MIDs, touch screen devices, VOIP servers, robotics, etc. For us, there's very little OOTB experience. The only recent purchase of mine that worked OOTB with my distro of choice was the purchase of two HDhomerun tuners. I was VERY impressed with it.

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