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Oct 28, 2011
4:40 PM EDT
Great article, but I wish someone would do a review of Trinity. It is an option that the writer of the article simply ignored, and if all the messages flowing across my email desk about fixes, new versions, updates and sheer work being done on this DE are any indication, then it seems to be becoming a solid option. It's sheer curiousity on my part - I'm not banging a drum for any DE......but I'd dearly like to see a proper review of Trinity, and even better, a recognised distro with Trinity as an option so we "unwashed masses" can give it a whirl. I have the feeling it could possibly give Xfce a run for its money.

Minor explanation: I know the writer was looking outside KDE and therefore might ignore Trinity, but my assumption was that he means the current KDE4 which is rather different from Trinity, even though both are "related".

Oct 30, 2011
3:39 PM EDT
I'm used to seeing Enlightenment passed up in articles like this. This one in particular just annoys me because it skips right over Enlightenment but lists an even more obscure one - rat poison.


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