HEY - I've been using ONLY Linux for my desktop for years

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Jan 22, 2012
5:08 AM EDT
HEY - I've been using ONLY Linux for my desktop for years. I can update any time I want at no cost, I've never wasted a minute loading the OS only to find I used the wrong CD and the serial number does not work. With apps, I always get the full version and not some stripped down thing with half the features disabled. Sure I get a few bugs now and then, the last one was Firefox wouldn't shut-down correctly, causing a problem similar to the old Windows shut-down problem that went on for years, but I fixed my shut-down problem straight away by witching to Chrome. I really don't have any time for Windows, or that Apple thing. Why would I want to put up with them. I think Linux is all set to grow a bit. (And so it seems does MS... they are going / trying to introduce 'secure boot' so new PC's can only load Windows.) But for now I'm sticking to Linux because its just easier and in the long run there's less hassle.

Jan 22, 2012
7:50 AM EDT

Jan 22, 2012
3:47 PM EDT
Is newline broken :)

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