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Story: Anonymous Hacker Group Releases Own Ubuntu Based DistributionTotal Replies: 3
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Mar 15, 2012
1:58 PM EDT
As if!

Seriously, wasn't the NSA releasing SELinux enough?

Ok, now really seriously, the Anon bunch are so simple to spoof, just say "Anonymous" and how can anyone confirm you're not? Too easy, trust nothing without verification first.

Debian repositories with GPG signing keys have been hacked once, several years ago. No security is perfect.

Now an Ubuntu _theme_ of Anon, and a recommended package list? Sure!

Mar 15, 2012
2:04 PM EDT
Oh, yeah!!! That's great, ... "Please download and use our distro, and you too can be part of a giant botnet." I wonder how long it'll be before someone notices a discrepancy between the source code and the compiled binaries?!?!

Mar 15, 2012
7:27 PM EDT
Well, installing it would be pretty educational educational B-P

By the standards of the IT industry, that almost qualifies as truth in advertising. (Missed it by that much.)

Mar 15, 2012
7:29 PM EDT
And I would dearly love to know how many copies were downloaded...

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