Is this because no one else is using it?

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Aug 08, 2012
8:38 PM EDT
I mean I can't blame them. If they don't make an OS out of it soon no one will be using that mess of a desktop...


Aug 09, 2012
2:22 AM EDT
Jeff, even if they make an OS out of it, who will use that?

Aug 09, 2012
6:44 AM EDT

Aug 09, 2012
7:02 PM EDT
It seems every brother and his idiot are making OS's these days...

Aug 09, 2012
10:39 PM EDT
@ cr...

Awesome line... love it..

Aug 10, 2012
11:40 AM EDT
I was never much of a Gnome user. This week I looked into setting my mom's laptop up with CentOS with Gnome and was impressed with the desktop more so now than when I initially started with Ubuntu around Hardy Heron. After trying Gnome 3 recently both in the Gnome Shell and Cinnamon variety I think I would say that neither replace the functionality that Gnome 2.3 offered. I am a KDE user as of late, and while I like it very much I still think there are quirks to it that would be a little confusing to my mother and in comparison between KDE 4.9 and Gnome 2.3 I think for the type of user my mother is Gnome would be a more intuitive experience. Anyway point is, Gnome have gone drastically backwards, I would not expose a new user to the Gnome Shell, and I hope MATE continues on.

Aug 10, 2012
3:22 PM EDT
You might wanna take a look at SolusOS, the stable 1.1 version. I'm pretty impressed with it, so much so that we are going to be using it as our primary distro for our Reglue kids. I long ago stopped being a cheer leader for any distro, but SolusOS is impressive....and the re-write/patching done to nautilus is pretty cool too. He will backport his nautilus work to 1.1 shortly as it's currently only available in the alpha and soon-to-be-released beta. SolusOS 1.1 though is pretty stable. It's running the last stable versin of Gnome 2 with some fairly cool hacks.

One thing to note, it is a Debian distro and nvidia drivers are best installed via init3 with sgfxi. A more stable method of driver install is on it's way....if not Jockey, something equivalent or better Other than that, it's an uncomplicated distro.

Aug 10, 2012
4:12 PM EDT
You just have to wonder what the endgame is for Gnome at this point? There seems to be more of an effort to fork/modify Gnome and its applications to reverse many decisions made by the Gnome Devs and very little effort by distros or users to just use Gnome 3 as is. I question the long-term viability of these forks/hacks/patches to keep adding back functionality the Gnome Devs seem to eager to discard.

I am kind of surprised there isn't more of a move from some of these efforts to enhance existing DE like KDE or Xfce to shape them through upstream to be more to their liking as opposed to keep changing the work done by the Gnome Devs.

I think I read that Debian is defaulting the first install disk to Xfce which I applaud. I think that leaves only Fedora and Mageia shipping default Gnome 3 in their distros. OpenSUSE is almost default Gnome 3 but I think they actually added the Power off button if I recall. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds for Gnome. I still can't imagine RHEL running Gnome 3 and using that in an enterprise deployment. Good news for RHEL/CentOS is when version 7 ever sees the light of day the KDE version should be vastly superior to the 4.3 version shipped now.

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