What's up with Gnome developers?

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Aug 09, 2012
6:51 AM EDT
What the h* is the matter with Gnome developers? Their first clue that their new desktop was cr@p should have been the Cinnamon and MATE forks. Now, we have distributions forking Nautilus right and left because Gnome devs have apparently made more bonehead choices. Someone over at the Gnome foundation needs to sit these kids down and explain to them that people do actually use their computers for real life work, not just tinkering and screwing around that if they can't develop a professional desktop that facilitates productivity, then they need to hit the road. Life isn't all about the cell phone, or its Fischer-Price interface.

Aug 09, 2012
12:58 PM EDT
Haven't you heard? They're coming with their own "GNOME OS"! That shows to the rest of the community just how crazy their plans are. They want it to become another Android, but in that process they'll lose their entire user base. And I don't think they can become as successful as Android either, seeing as they don't have a major multi-billion dollar company behind them.

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