The attacks on SJVN in the comments....

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Sep 22, 2012
11:26 AM EDT
The attacks on SJVN in the comments by the Microsoft fans are really quite amazing. You'd think SJVN killed and ate their puppies or something. They also are, for the most part, factually incorrect but these people are mighty in demanding that their misinformation is the one truth which we must all believe.

Oh, and yeah, it was a decent article about Canonical and FSF coming to an agreement which enables Ubuntu to continue to use grub2.

Sep 22, 2012
2:35 PM EDT
I'm half inclined to think that the MS fans that post there are plants to drum up clicks...

That and MS paid shills...

Sep 22, 2012
3:07 PM EDT
ZDNet is all MS fanboys stirring up s#$%

Sep 22, 2012
6:59 PM EDT
Paid shills would probably do a better job.

BTW, is anyone else having difficulty up-voting comments or posting replies at ZDNet?

I used to be able to vote comments (and even reply if I allowed Omniture web-bugs) but now I can't do either, even with Ghostery and DNT turned off, and making sure 3rd-party cookies are permitted, doesn't help.

Maybe they just blocked me because I kept trying to link to informative, off site sources?

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