of all.....the savings are ongoing.

Story: Linux brings over €10 million savings for MunichTotal Replies: 2
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Nov 23, 2012
7:40 PM EDT
I have watched this move by Munich virtually ever since it started. There have been magnificent FUD articles about how it was all collapsing, too difficult to implement, would not allow Munich to access its stored data, would be rejected by the desktop users and that only, repeat ONLY the Redmond software package could give true security, reliability, data storage and ease of use for the city workers of Munich. Thank goodness the FUD was ignored and the project continued slowly, but steadily. Munich is now a template for other German towns who wish to break Microsoft's stranglehold and move to a FOSS platform.

It's sheer delight to see these results emerging. Munich's project mirrors the experience of the French gendarmerie who have saved countless millions in software fees to Redmond and other proprietary companies by a similar transfer to the Linux platform. Another domino has fallen and given the fiscal stresses of Europe, "watch this space for more transfers" is my feeling.

2c :-)

Nov 23, 2012
9:26 PM EDT
I wonder what's going to happen in Freiburg, when this story gets out?

German city dumps OpenOffice and switches to Microsoft

Nov 23, 2012
10:17 PM EDT
From the article linked to by Bernard.

Quoting:Council member Timothy Simms of the Green party, who is in favor of using open source software, said in an email that he was "very disappointed," and that in the council debate there were "no good arguments in favor of Microsoft, no counter-arguments against our points."

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