only microsoft?

Story: Linux Has Not Won, Microsoft is as Dangerous as Ever, Fie on Secure BootTotal Replies: 1
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Dec 05, 2012
2:14 PM EST
Where do you draw the line? Apple does the same. Microsoft just have more partners.

Also, what about smart phones? My HP touchpad is running linux. My Android phone is running android built from source, not the 'enhanced' experience that was included in the price tag.

And then you'd have to go on to every other device that has a processor. Why can't i reflash my roomba to begin with?

And then you have the storage and media format. Sony is a much worse offender than microsoft, yet you never mention it. They tried to lock you down with betamax, laserdisc, miniDisc... and ultimately succeed with blueray. and those are the examples i know even by ignoring the company 100%.


Dec 07, 2012
5:12 PM EST
The point of the article is that until a couple of months ago there was no such thing as UEFI Secure Boot on a new PC. What makes the Secure Boot situation different is that it's a new development that restricts freedom in a way where it wasn't restricted before. That is both newsworthy and worthy of the kind of scrutiny and criticism in Carla's article.

Of course, all of the companies you mention have somewhere between little and no respect for your freedom or for the right to use what you purchase as you see fit.

Once little correction: Sony did not try to lock down MiniDisc. Quite the contrary: they tried to get as many manufacturers as possible to pick up the format and also tried to get as many record labels as possible to adopt it. Sony did learn the Betamax lesson and learned it well.

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