This makes Freiburg look even more "odd"

Story: Swiss City Mandates Use Of Open Source, Banishes Microsoft OfficiallyTotal Replies: 4
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Dec 11, 2012
6:04 PM EDT
We've had Munich's amazing work and its completed shift from Microsoft to Linux with all its huge savings. Now the capital of Switzerland is moving in exactly the same direction. In the light of these occurrences, the 'rejection of Linux and all its works" by Freiburg now becomes both absurd and suspicious - to me it reeks of deliberate sabotage by "persons unknown" although that might be difficult to prove.

Cost cutting may be at the core of this, but I also like to believe that the need for "always accessible data formats" is another principal reason that Berne is moving to FOSS. And I am sure other councils will follow suit. Yoo hoo ! Redmond ! Here goes Switzerland - the "good infection" is spreading.

Dec 11, 2012
7:46 PM EDT

I read the story, but the title's words includes banishing Microsoft does not seem warranted by the content alone. My reading seems to indicate open source is now on an equal footing and perhaps even preferred. However, if price alone is the driver old ploys may appear with a generous discount offer that might seem, at the time, too advantageous to ignore.

The words are nice, but please save the declarations of victory until we have a history of success. Moreover, the opposition vote was not minuscule and a reversal is not impossible.



Dec 11, 2012
8:07 PM EDT
Y' know TxtEdMacs, when you get serious like that - I get worried. I do hear what you are saying and you might be right. On the other hand, this move has been on the books for a year and I'd suspect it has been heavily debated so what we are seeing is a very firm outcome. The other aspect is that my intestinal feelings (and they are only that) indicate that the Swiss do not ever use [serious] and [/serious] in their operations when it comes to planning that affects their country......They know [serious] but have never discovered [/serious], so when they indicate they are agonna do sumthin', it's agonna be done cause it's all [serious] !!!!!!

Possibly popping the champagne and lighting the fireworks is a little early, but I'll settle for a wee glass of kirsch and a sparkler........Personally, I think this is another Limux on the way.

Dec 11, 2012
8:21 PM EDT
And the best text that shows how serious they are (I think dead serious with a funded plan) is outlined in this paragraph:

Quoting:Active implementation of the open source development strategy by in computer science services, a competence center open source is created using knowledge building will experience using open source technologies gained through pilot projects and studies new areas of open source solutions are identified and adequate finances for the implementation measures are provided.


Dec 11, 2012
8:49 PM EDT
The Swiss see themselves as having certain things in common with the Scots -- including an aversion to wasting money. If they're talking about formally allocating sufficient funds for it, they're serious. ;-)

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