This Would Really Be Funny If Nobody Took It Seriously

Story: Former Microsoft Staff Xuxian Jiang Spreads Android FUD Total Replies: 1
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Dec 13, 2012
10:31 AM EDT
First this guy looks for all the Android malware he can find on the Internet. Then, he purposely installs it all on an Android device. Finally he says, 'Look how much malware you can end up with on Android devices.' As if purposely seeking out and installing malware (Trojans) says anything at all about system security.

I'm just trying to imagine the reaction if someone did the same thing with Windows. I can see Windows bloggers developing apoplexy as they scrambled to respond.

Dec 13, 2012
2:03 PM EDT
give me 20 minutes with Google and an additional 45 minutes with a Windows phone. I can produce the largest cesspool in history, confined in that small of a space.

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