Story: Why Nokia and Linux Failed, So Far...Total Replies: 1
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Apr 01, 2013
8:29 AM EDT
YACA,... Yet Another Condescending Article, ... Filled with the typical half-truths and opinions,... Enough said.

Apr 01, 2013
8:53 AM EDT
The Nokia bit is a bit out of date isn't it? Nokia now runs Windows on their smartphones and I have one and despite being a Linux user everywhere else I like the Windows phone.

I always used to like Nokia in the past and I'll give the person writing the article their due they are right about why Nokia failed. They failed to embrace the smartphone market early enough. Now though they have addressed that somewhat and I think that will pay dividends.

The noticeable thing about the Linux thing is that the person writing the article has not differentiated between desktop Linux and Linux in general. Android is essentially Linux and is doing just fine. On the server front Linux is doing just fine. In desktop terms Canonical may take Ubuntu places it has never been before.

And for the rest of us who use something different.... Do we even care about market share? I couldn't care less if Joe Bloggs down the street is using Linux. If he is then great. If he isn't then so what. I'm using it and I like it.

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