isn't much cheaper than the Windows version

Story: Alienware’s latest gaming PC has Linux on it, plays “over 25 games”Total Replies: 7
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Apr 06, 2013
6:56 PM EDT
Which means it IS cheaper than the Windows version. Which makes it worth buying as a Linux pre install.

Apr 07, 2013
3:52 AM EDT
It must not be cheaper. One who usually pays for the other thing can pay same for the better. He should actually have paid more for the better !

Apr 07, 2013
4:00 AM EDT
The problem we seem to have nmset, is that Linux advocates, some on this forum would rather buy a cheaper Windows install and then install Linux than buy a Linux pre install at a higher price. So when there are Linux pre install at a cheaper price than a Windows pre install one needs to point it out to them.

Apr 07, 2013
12:32 PM EDT
> ...some on this forum would rather buy a cheaper Windows install and then install Linux than buy a Linux pre install at a higher price...

Some people buy what the can afford. For them, a game machine starting at $600 probably isn't going to interest them anyway, even if it is slightly cheaper than the Windows version.

Apr 07, 2013
5:06 PM EDT
That article is awful. Seems like it exists purely to snipe at Linux.

Apr 07, 2013
5:22 PM EDT
@jacog, I didn't get that sense. It's probably true, from a gamer point of view, that you do give up all the games available on a Windows machine. As I see it, it's a damn good piece of hardware that runs Linux, and at a reasonable price, which makes it something worth considering, and more importantly is something one can steer others to as an option when they are considering a new computer.

@JD, sorry I wasn't referring to you, I realise that you are financially constrained. I was referring to those who would prefer to purchase a Windows computer because it is offered cheaper than a better Linux powered computer on the same hardware. Those who think they have bought a bargain, by giving the OEMs the impression that people would prefer the buy computers with Windows pre installed.

Apr 07, 2013
8:15 PM EDT
> I realise that you are financially constrained.

Oh, I could afford to spend $800 on a computer. It's just that I'd have to give up other things I consider more important. I'd much rather put $600 in savings or make an extra two car payments and put $200 into a computer. Especially since a $200 computer would meet my needs just as well. The are lots of other people who read LXer that are a lot worse off than I am.

We just got a "new" computer for my wife. It's an off lease Dell Optiplex 745. Pentium Core 2 Duo, 2GB of memory, 250 GB hard drive, CDRW/DVD, and a dual monitor ATI video card. It came preloaded with Ubuntu 10.04. Total cost with shipping, about $140.

Here's it's equivalent:

The only problem with it is that it doesn't come with the special dual monitor adapter cable you need, but fortunately I have one. The description doesn't mention that it's a dual monitor card, but the one that came with ours is, so I suspect that one is too.

Apr 08, 2013
11:43 AM EDT
I'm with tracyanne on this one... If one can afford a new machine, fresh off the assembly line, buying one with Linux preinstalled and cheaper is more than enough justification to do so.

For those who argue for dual boot, consider this,... a Win7 or Win8 preinstall does not include the MS license for installation of it as a VM on that or any other box,... Translated, that means that if you wipe the drive and reinstall Win7 or Win8 from anything other than a retail version of that software, you don't have a valid license as far as MS is concerned,... And you're S-O-L if you need customer support.

And while I haven't researched the particular i3 chip in this offering, most have hardware virtualization support. That means you'd (probably) be better off running Win7 or Win8 as a VM under Linux than on bare metal as a dual boot.

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