Terrific article & even better comments,...

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Apr 25, 2013
8:29 AM EDT
Terrific article & even better comments,... I like that LXC provides yet another process isolation system,... even if it isn't fully matured yet,... Of course, it's not surprising that RedHat would be behind KVM, as that is where they are putting their time & energy (and money).

Apr 25, 2013
10:49 AM EDT
Quoting:Terrific article

Quoting:& even better comments
Is it just me? I see no comments...

One minor thing (a nit-pick really). LXC is chroot 'on steroids' I positively hate that turn of phrase. Sorry, but I do. So, does LXC have shrunken "equipment"? Does it have bursts of rage? Is it going to have heart problems later in life? Messed up hormonal balance? Moobs?

Really cool about LXC though. I look forward to seeing it in my travels as it matures... :)

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