Android the new Microsoft?

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May 04, 2013
9:52 AM EDT
It seems from this data that the tablet market is shaking out in a rather similar fashion as the PC market did in the 1990s. Android works on most vendors hardware so this openness leads to widespread adoption by vendors and consumers. This is exactly the MS model from early times except Google is driving the show now using Linux (Android) as their battering ram.

I bet Torvalds never foresaw this route to Linux world domination.

If this trend continues however there will be a Linux takeover:

Red Hat on servers Android on consumer compute devices.

May 04, 2013
11:54 AM EDT
Hey Monty,

You got it all wrong. Look at the numbers, Please. They show objectively that MS grew at way more than double the rate of Android and effectively leaving iOS to eat both their dust.

Why, why are people so blind. Windows grew at 700% while Android was a slow follower at a mere 248%. The numbers are clear and soon the whole world will know that cash stash has not been useless.

All Hail MS and the Bomber ... Sweet Balmer or is it Ballmer. I will know when the good Czech arrives.

So i figure,


May 04, 2013
1:23 PM EDT

Yeah I'm sure that is exactly what Ballmer tells himself every night as he clasps teddy to his (ample) male bosom.

May 05, 2013
12:58 PM EDT
700% of "a smidgen" is still "a smidgen".

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