Not even close price wise

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May 08, 2013
2:29 PM EDT
I'm fairly certain people that plug devices like this are either:

A.) Clueless


B.) Getting paid to plug shoddy, over priced hardware

The cost listed in this review is almost 200 USD for hardware barely faster than a Raspberry Pi and nearly the same as my 40$ MK802 "computer stick". The only thing it has going for it is USB3.0 and Gig-nic, not worth the extra 160$ IMO.

It also irks me how ever ARM device that releases must be talked about as the next "Raspberry Pi". The Pi is far from the first ARM device that runs Linux and it will be far from the last.


May 08, 2013
5:17 PM EDT
Again, if it can't challenge the RPi on the price point, it can't challenge the RPi.

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