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May 21, 2013
10:15 AM EDT
Quoting:Speaking of reviews, Kubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail seems to be a very polished release, with some small niggles and flaws. The biggest one is printing, the other one the lurking threat of kernel panic, and we don't like that. On the bright side of life, everything else was in good order. The upgrade was perfect. The responsiveness is phenomenal. Absolutely stunning. The desktop is clean and beautiful. And you get rich, colorful functionality all over the place, just as you would expect. Really sweet.

If not for the printing thingie, it would be almost 10/10. But as it is, 9/10 seems like a reasonable grade. I'm in a benevolent mood, do not spoil it! Honestly, Raring Ringtail looks great, KDE is more beautiful and faster than ever, and you get a solid box of excitement, waiting for you. Take it for a spin, and you won't be disappointed.

I mostly concur since I had similar experience upgrading from 12.10. In terms of Kernel Panics, I haven't had any. In regards to printing, I have a Brother HL-2270DW network printer and worked flawlessly with the existing configuration I had on 12.10. I don't have a Windows machine to connected the printer so I can't test it.

The only hiccup I had looked initially severe on one of the two machines I did the upgrade on. The first was flawless, but the 2nd one I had the scary notion that the graphics card is not properly recognized. The reason I thought it was the graphics card is because response was extremely slow and when I turned the Desktop Special Effect off, response was pretty good. But there was another weird problem. When I launch Google Chrome and some other applications, they show in the Task Manager bar but no window shows up. I tried FireFox but everything works fine. It was intermittent.

Weird very weird. I go to Display & Monitor Configuration, sure enough it shows two monitors LVDS1 & VGA1. I believe that is because I am using a Sylvania TV monitor. It was working with 12.10 without any problems but now it doesn't.

After investigating, I found out that KDE multiple monitor support software has been improved and actually doing its job now. The Sylvania TV monitor has two interfaces, one for TV & the other for a PC. To make the story short, I had to set the monitors to be in "Unify Outputs" mode and everything worked great with Desktop Special Effects turned on. Hopefully this helps someone.

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