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Jul 02, 2013
8:54 AM EDT
One neat trick with the original Norton Utilities,

Use directory-sort to put the files in the order I wanted.

Then run defrag, which would write the files to the drive in the same order they were in the directory listing.

Maximum optimization of disk read functions!

I am so very, very glad those days are over. Not that I don't respect hand optimization, I consider it a sign of a true artiste. Linus talking recently about the lovingly hand-optimized low-level look-up that Linux does faster than any other OS comes immediately to mind.

I'm just very glad that I can ignore all that and just play. What? Disk getting full? Where's that 2TB backup drive!

Jul 02, 2013
3:27 PM EDT
After reading the article, I decided to check my drives. After all, I do some deleting and adding and modifying of files. Maybe the ext4 filesystems had become fragmented. After checking 3 drives and getting a 0 index on all 3, I gave up the idea.


Jul 03, 2013
4:06 PM EDT
Be careful using the ext4 defragger. It silently wiped a few files on two of my systems (nothing critical, *whew*).

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