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Jul 28, 2013
3:34 PM EDT
If you must rely on a third party to exist, you're nothing. And the third party can pretend to be you any time, in your back. [This is true also with these so called 'Certificate Authorities', who ever gave them any authority ? Well it's you) ].

"Who are you ?"

"Ask the other one."

"Prove who you are, now !"

"Ask the other one.

Jul 28, 2013
11:02 PM EDT
Very bad idea YES!

Want to use a phone AND password then fine but not just a phone by itself or whatever the 'device' is. Just another way of handcuffing a user to a particular box (identity) and creating a service that no one really needs except those providing the service in the first place. Do they need more mobile phone users? Silly question isn't it.

Quoting:The reason we haven't done it in the last 10 years or so -- or 20 years maybe -- is just that nobody can agree on something that is better than passwords.

There might not be anything better (for the user). Maybe passwords are the best thing for our 'freedom' after all.

Jul 29, 2013
9:23 AM EDT
This strikes me mostly as a way for large corporations to either sell something new or advertise more effectively. I don't really see most of the alternatives offered as being better than passwords. A lot of them are just as susceptible to being stolen, imitated, or cracked, and perhaps more susceptible to one breach leading to a problem with your identity everywhere. The only advantage is the elimination of really bad passwords like 'abc123'.

Jul 29, 2013
9:42 AM EDT
> I don't really see most of the alternatives offered as being better than passwords.

Agreed. It's a problem that's been worked on for 50 years now, and we still don't have a better solution. Obviously, combining a password with an RSA token or such is better, but that adds a far greater degree of complexity and has it's own security issues.

Jul 29, 2013
10:21 AM EDT
People want Convenience and Security.

Security is Inconvenient.

Just like Liberty and Safety, it's a trade-off.

Jul 29, 2013
6:48 PM EDT

He who sacrifices security for convenience deserves neither...

Yep...that way works for me too.

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