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Story: Torvalds suggests poison and sabotage for ARM SoC designersTotal Replies: 1
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Sep 11, 2013
5:23 PM EDT
Asking someone to cut the brake lines on someone else's car? How is that not asking that someone commit "red-rum"?

I seriously doubt Torvalds would appreciate someone making the same threat against himself or his family.

Two stories about personalized disparagement, on LXer on the same day. One took place in high school, the other was instigated by the leader of the entire Linux development effort. Is Linus no better than a high school bully?

Sep 11, 2013
7:24 PM EDT
The stories are not even close to comparable. One shows a horrible case of someone being harassed for what is an accident of birth (being a woman); an abomination of human behavior. In this case, it's someone berating a group of people for their performance (lack thereof). I'll save myself any further, redundant explanations.

By drawing these innaccurate analogies, you are missing the point and trivializing a horrible social issue.

Also...anyone who takes the "threat" with any degree of seriousness is either dangerously oversensitive, or boringly inflexible to language use. In other words, I bet Trovalds, much like myself...wouldn't give a care about such "threats". I wouldn't say the mildly comedic bs that Trovalds says...but for the love of sanity, ignore these irrelevant molehills. Also, reading some literature or poetry might help pinpoint what should be taken literally, and what should not be taken literally.


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