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Story: How They Popped The Penguin: The Bash Attack And What It Means For Linux Data SecurityTotal Replies: 2
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Oct 11, 2013
7:32 PM EDT
with some reworking of the article, and some comments by the guy (Mark Kikta), upon whose presentation the original story appears to have been based, have been added to the top of the article.

A video of the presentation is available on his (Kitka's) blog, here:

“Popping the Penguin – An Introduction to the Principles of Linux Persistence”


Oct 12, 2013
2:59 AM EDT
It's another "house of cards" security article...

Oct 12, 2013
4:01 AM EDT
Kikta appears to be quite sensible -- it was Venables reporting on his presentation that was whacked (whether due to miscomprehension or to having an agenda...)

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