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Nov 01, 2013
10:02 AM EDT
ZDNet flags every post I make as spam, and has been doing so for at least a month and a half (to be honest I think it's been well over two months). I emailed a complaint about it to tech support several weeks ago and they acknowledged that it is an actual problem, but still nothing has been done about it. This just makes it so that I ignore the comment section and am starting to ignore the articles in the first place. At some point even if they fix the problem it will be too late.

Nov 01, 2013
8:05 PM EDT
@ CFWhitman

I now longer think it's a "problem".

There has always been a certain amount of attrition, and temporary "vacations" from the pig-pen -- but beyond that, as far as I can tell (yes, I realize it sounds rather conspiracy-theory-ish) over the last few months any commenter on the ZDNet forums who consistently posts good, well-informed posts that portray Linux in a positive light has either been "leaving" or else getting shut out.

You got hit by it a few months later than me -- but you were also making fewer (and generally distinctly better, and exemplarily non-confrontational) posts. The pro--Linux trolls seem to still get their posts accepted, just as do pro-Windows trolls. And of course more substantial pro-MS/Windows comment(er)s don't seem to be significantly affected. Only good Linux-positive posters seem to have disappeared. (I haven't paid close enough attention to Apple-fan posters to comment on them).

I told myself that I was seeing things, in large part because your own, high-quality posts presenting a professional, even-handed "view from a Linux perspective" were showing up to contradict my paranoia. But now, I find it difficult to avoid concluding this is an actual policy, to invisibly discredit the "pro-Linux" viewpoint...

Yes, it's a nut-ball idea -- but I'm thinking it anyways.


Nov 01, 2013
11:59 PM EDT
Probably about 8 years ago, I used to contribute to ZDNet.......I have not done so for at least the past five years. What I do get (and I value them) is their news clips emails which bring major stories to my attention. And of course there are some really excellent writers that contribute to ZDNet, and here I am thinking of SJ Vaughn-Nichols in particular. I would hate to miss out on his articles. But do I actually contribute to their comments pages, !

I used to, and then found that because I favoured Linux in my comments, I was instantly attacked, and moreover attacked personally with adjectives and phrases that were often obscene if you replaced the "dots or asterisks". Better for my peace of mind to stay right out of it and let the children play in the pigpen......That's a pretty apt description BernardSwiss....the mud did fly on that site - your comments are suggesting it hasn't changed.

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