How Munich kicked Micro$oft out of the city

Story: City of Munich: "Migration to sustainable desktop completed successfully"Total Replies: 1
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Dec 04, 2013
10:52 AM EDT
Quoting:Now that Munich is on a path to freeing itself from proprietary ties, Hofmann says he sees no compelling reason for the authority to ever go back. :P

Dec 04, 2013
12:34 PM EDT
<Warning! Rant Ahead!>

Given the revelations concerning the security of proprietary software, there is NO compelling reason to use it. Alternatives exist that are Open Source, and therefore not subject to the same security nightmare built into Windows. And if no alternative exists, it's still time to find another way. IMNSVHO, the only reason for using Windows (or other proprietary software) is laziness and self-denial.

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