but is it secure

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Jan 03, 2014
12:06 AM EDT
Ok, that might be interesting functionality, but how can I be certain that my browser based ssh connection is secure?

Jan 03, 2014
12:20 AM EDT
Ask your friendly NSA spook.

Jan 03, 2014
2:41 AM EDT
Oh, and BTW, Nixie Pixel already DID a tutorial on SSH a few weeks ago, http://youtu.be/5mCNO_aL4BA


Jan 03, 2014
4:33 AM EDT
The chances are that if you are blocked from using SSH from your office then you would be blocked from installed browser plugins as well.

Jan 03, 2014
9:48 AM EDT
I'll post two other solutions to the situation where your company blocks port 22 ssh:

1. I once worked for a company that was blocking outbound port 22 (ssh) while ironically permitting outbound port 23 (telnet). I argued successfully with their IT that ssh was more secure than telnet and they ended up disabling port 23 and enabling port 22 company wide. Problem solved for me with the side effect that a hundred thousand other employees also were enabled for outbound ssh, plus the company benefited from plugging a bad telnet security hole.

2. At another company that insisted on blocking most outbound ports including ssh port 22, I simply set up my home server's sshd to listen on port 443 as well as port 22 for incoming ssh connections. This company was not blocking outbound port 443, so my problem was again solved.


Jan 03, 2014
12:16 PM EDT
I have to wonder how often it happens that a person can't drop a copy of Putty into their home directory, but they can connect to a remote site via port 22?

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