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Story: AT&T turns data caps into profits with new fees for content providersTotal Replies: 2
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Jan 08, 2014
10:12 PM EDT
"Net Neutral Pricing"

image source: http://www.dailynugget.com/images/netneutralpricing.jpg

Welcome to your wonderful new "Internet Age" future -- you'll hardly be able to tell it apart from the old "Age of Cable TV" past.

Jan 08, 2014
10:29 PM EDT
... Which is why cable companies impose data caps,... It's easy to exceed 250GB/Mo. if you ditch cable TV and go with Netflix/Hulu/YouTube and direct to the broadcasters' web sites for your entertainment...

Jan 09, 2014
1:03 AM EDT
> "Net Neutral Pricing"

And non-"Neutral" $uper-highco$t political lobbying to KEEP those subscriber fees for their rackets abnormally high!


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