Stone Soup?

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Jan 24, 2014
12:51 PM EDT
Nice try, Gary, but I don't know what is so informative about this video. I gave it about 3 mins before bailing. I'd say the number of ppl that know what a pine wood derby is are about on par with the number of ppl who know what stone soup is. Heck, even "OSX" is probably beyond the knowing/caring scope of most Windows users. Now if he'd said Apple. Also, the car analogy is also suspect. I know engineers who don't even know how to add windshield wiper fluid. If one is going to try and instruct non-nerds, one must use non-nerd terms. I'm still trying to figure out the Viagra connection. Also, the audio sucked. Bad form from a supposedly tech savvy group.

As for the subject of free, I've always considered that a secondary reason. For me it was all about choice and control. Specifically, the choice of who would be in control of my computer. Myself or the OS provider. Whether or not Linux is free, either monetarily or philosophically, is not as important. Don't we all pay, in one way or another, for freedom?

OTOH, you did contribute. More than I've done, so kudos on the effort. ;)


Jan 27, 2014
5:07 AM EDT
I think you bailed before that actual tips started coming through. They aren't earth shattering but they do give a good overview.

Also the positive tone of the two guys on the video might inspire people who are ummng and erring whether to install Linux might push these people from "maybe I'll do it later" to "why not give it a go".

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