This bullcr@p smells old...

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Apr 23, 2014
10:15 AM EDT
Corporate America: We can't find enough qualified candidates.

College graduates: We can't find jobs.

Corporate America: Give us more HB1 Visa applicants

College graduates: Yea! I have a job at Walmart with food stamps.

*Facepalm* This countries companies used to train people and inspire loyalty...

Apr 23, 2014
11:50 AM EDT
Old news.

I testified at an HB1 visa hearing in Silicon Valley over fifteen yrs ago. Spkrs were given only 2 mins each to plead their case and some of the senate sub-committee ppl didn't even know what the actual issue in question was. Total dog/pony show. The HB1 visa allotment was increased, shortly thereafter.

I've heard many companies have returned online support to the US, the myth of alleged superior Indian eng knowledge and lower pay not worth the hype. When I had a problem with my Slackware/Seamonkey email failure, I talked to 22 Indian support ppl in 30 days. Not a single one knew spit. I finally reached some guy in Idaho, who solved the problem in less than 5 mins. True story.


Apr 25, 2014
8:20 PM EDT
I looked at the jobs offered on their site. A whole half dozen, all for developers. OK, senior developers and engineers. You know what I mean. That's hardly a representative sample of Linux jobs out there, is it?

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