Someone thinks this might happen? Seriously??

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Apr 25, 2014
5:39 PM EDT
Okay, first off, what are the chances that Microsoft can open source XP? I'd say pretty slim. No doubt there's a whole bunch of code that is licensed from other vendors which would have to be redacted. Why do you think that they released such an early version of DOS?

Next up, what percentage of Vista -> 8.1 (all still supported) code came from XP? Probably a fairly large amount. So are they going to pull that out first?

This is one of those ideas that might sound smart to the uninitiated, but anyone with an inkling of tech savvy will realize won't work. I mean seriously - do they think Vista was a from the ground-up rewrite of the entire operating system?

Apr 25, 2014
6:23 PM EDT
It would have made more sense for a moderately sized company to take the ReactOS base and forge it into something that could replace XP, then charge a nominal fee to support it. I suspect they'd have a good sized customer base.

Apr 25, 2014
6:48 PM EDT
Not to mention that Microsoft is making a bundle by providing extended support - originally for $200 a box, now cut to $25 for corporations of over 10,000 machines - for good ol' XP.

Apr 25, 2014
7:33 PM EDT
Microsoft would also be cutting into their own new OS sales by making it easier to continue to run XP. mrider is right, this has absolutely no chance of happening.

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