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May 02, 2014
1:25 PM EDT
My fave Konqueror feature is the one-click clear the URL field. This is a lovely feature that is present in a lot of KDE apps, and is a fabulous boon for the middle-click paste user.

May 02, 2014
1:54 PM EDT
Konqueror is a pretty good file manager besides being a browser. Probably the best to some. What the author should have compared Firefox to is KDE Rekong, which is modeled after chrome.


May 02, 2014
4:10 PM EDT
Rekonq and Konqueror still have that regression : you can't present a client X509 certificate. Okay, it's not a general requirement for the usual web consumer, yet it's smarter and more efficient to privatize access to a company's site for its members.

May 03, 2014
7:51 AM EDT
Nothing is perfect and I don't doubt that there are still other features missing from both, but my point was Rekong is more comparable to another contemporary browser than Konqueror.

Konqueror has the split view capability, which allows to open many documents side by side, for comparison purposes that I have not seen in any other browser yet. I am hoping.


May 10, 2014
10:47 AM EDT
There are two things I still hate kde for. Emasculating konqueror so they could pretend that dolphin is a file browser is one. I used to do a the way split with local files in one window, sftp in another, and web page in a third

May 11, 2014
12:31 AM EDT
Oh,... I really hared dolphin when KDE 4.0 came out,... It's improved some,... But the heyday was Konqueror in KDE 3.5.x... That said,... I do kinda like that KDE now has its own compositor. What I'd really love would be a DE that could combine the best features of KDE (old and new), Gnome 2.x, lxde, xfce, etc. Each has some "cherry" features, but they've never been combined before... I'd settle, though, for a stripped down KDE (newer version,) but with Xfce's ability turn off dpms & to set the screen borders for overscan...

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