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May 05, 2014
12:03 PM EDT
It appears ubuntu on mobile anything is pretty much a non issue, at this point. Not only has the U4A project been shelved, but Touch seems to be a dead end, also. I was hoping to see something on the much ballyhooed 14th of May (14.04) about a new fully functional Touch being released, but that day came and went with nary a peep. Then, a few apologetic notices appeared on how Touch was delayed till later this year or maybe 2015. Now we hear noises about tablet sales being down.

I think ol' Mark is finally tired of whizzing away his fortune in an attempt to capture the mobile device mkt, and must settle for benevolent boob for life, as his bizarre attempts to create de facto stds for linux have tripped him up and given competitors the edge (mint, etc). Oh well, I was merely toying with the idea of purchasing a tablet, anyway. ;)


May 05, 2014
12:41 PM EDT
Now I am cerrain you are NOT Bob,

You reside in the future and commune with the past,
Quoting: I was hoping to see something on [...] 14th of May (14.04) [...] but that day came and went with nary a peep.

It might be a mere 10 days, but all others that tried and failed hold you in awe.

How about checking out early 2015 or 2016 or ... Bob let's partner we can make millions or billions or Trillions or ...


May 05, 2014
3:54 PM EDT
Um, which month of the year is May again?

May 05, 2014
4:02 PM EDT
DOH! .... April (senior moment) ;)

May 05, 2014
4:09 PM EDT
@notbob, you could have claimed that it was a delayed April Fools joke. Too late now! :)

May 05, 2014
5:18 PM EDT

This time I was serious, but LXer edits my true response. The frustration ... ugh I could taste the money the wild dreams I had and it all comes to naught.

No One's Buddy Now )!(@*#*#&$&%^???":<!!!

May 06, 2014
1:57 PM EDT
but notbob is correct:

Result: Month(May 2014)


(defvar *LONG-MONTH-TABLE* (make-array 12 :initial-contents '("January" "February" "March" "April" "May" "June" "July" "August" "September" "October" "November" "December")))

greetings, eMBee.

May 06, 2014
2:28 PM EDT
That's zero-based, how many months are completed, not which month are we in.

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