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  1. Star Trek Excelsior Episode 5-4: “E.U.L.A.” a Star Trek Fan Audio Drama.
  2. Growing role of artificial intelligence in our lives is ‘too important to leave to men’
  3. So, about this Googler’s manifesto
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  5. Google doesn't underpay its female employees but it could have a different problem with women, data shows
  6. Women in Tech: We Need You
  7. Five Things Tech Companies Can Do Better
  8. A federal court has ruled that an open-source license is an enforceable contract
  9. There is more to the story why grsecurity stopped issuing patches
  10. Regulate This! Time to subject algorithms to our laws
  11. We can teach women to code, but that just creates another problem
  12. BeyondCorp: A New Approach to Enterprise Security (2014)
  13. The Case for Ubuntu Phone
  14. Obsolesced: The rise and fall of the Gopher protocol
  15. What’s up with nano?
  16. In mourning for Nano, chap crafts 1k-loc text editor
  17. Sponsoring free-time Open Source activities
  18. What's going on with Foresight Linux?
  19. Linux FTW: Lenovo launches two Chromebooks
  20. AV Linux Dazzles Both Eyes and Ears
  21.'s open source failure
  22. Why Atom Can’t Replace Vim
  23. Why There Will Never Be Another Red Hat: The Economics of Open Source
  24. We are Huxleying ourselves into the full Orwell. - 2014 is the year we lose the Web
  25. (ethics of paying for music) Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered
  26. The care and feeding of software engineers (or, why engineers are grumpy)
  27. I Hate Programmers
  28. Open Graphics Hardware Is Not Dead
  29. DRM books need to disappear. NOW
  30. Free Software, Open Source, FOSS, FLOSS – Same same but different
  31. IDB on Learning From the OLPC Peru Experience
  32. PHP: a fractal of bad design
  33. Network Services Aren't Free or Nonfree; They Raise Other Issues
  34. An Alternative Reading of the IADB Study on Peru's OLPC Implementation
  35. Our Culture of Exclusion -- Or, why I'm not going to *conf
  36. Foresight Linux Newsletter – Issue 02 2012
  37. 1&1 Internet AG receives German Document Freedom Award
  38. Enforcing the GPL with Judo moves
  39. Drupal Usability Test Conclusions: A Missing Conceptual Foundation
  40. Is the radioactive H.264 going to poisoning us, and the web, until 2028?
  41. Is this thing on?
  42. I Didn't Tell Facebook I'm Engaged, So Why Is It Asking About My Fiancé?
  43. The Research Works Act (RWA): why Scientific Publishing needs FOSS Methods
  44. How to kill movie piracy: charge $1 for movies, and 50c for episodes
  45. The History of the Sugar User Interface
  46. A New Approach to GNOME Application Design
  47. Is GNU/Linux just not cool anymore?
  48. Announcing JavaScript License Web Labels
  49. Some comments on the heated debate on SFC / Busybox / Linux GPL enforcement
  50. Is Desktop Linux Becoming Fractured as Open Source Matures?
  51. A Little History of Compiz
  52. Programming is the new High School Diploma
  53. The Rise of Developeronomics
  54. The Death of File Sharing
  55. Introducing the HUD. Say hello to the future of the menu.
  56. The silver lining of the MegaUpload shutdown
  57. OLPC XO 3.0 Hands On: The $100 Wonder Tablet
  58. RosettaCode vs Stack Overflow
  59. Abacus Thinking in a Digital World
  60. Move Over Barbie...Girls Want Tech
  61. 11 Who Died in 2011 (And Were Not Named Steve)
  62. use to learn programming in pike
  63. Be in Peace, Alex Bayley
  64. Retiring the DLJ (Operating System Distributor License for Java)
  65. Leaving .net
  66. Shuttle Teams with Foresight Linux on $199 KPC
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  73. OK, Heads Up Linux, You're on in 5..4..3..2 (cue music)...
  74. Retired from
  75. Beryl releases version 0.1.0; developer speaks about split with Compiz
  76. Call for testing/battering: sysjail
  77. Nessie - The Loch Ness Monster of Programming Languages
  78. Pike Users Worldwide Converge on Essen Next Week