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May 08, 2014
4:41 AM EDT
The article highlights that you have to be tricked into downloading and installing the app from a source other than the play store and if you do that you are an idiot.

However how many people using the play store actually read the access rights that are given to applications when installing them?

I have seen apps that say they will take control of your contact lists, have access to your network, will be able to access phone settings etc etc. How many people blindly hit accept without thinking about what this actually means?

May 08, 2014
8:23 PM EDT
I read the access rights, and have rejected a lot of apps because they're too dang intrusive. I also send a polite note to the devs.

As for safety, I suppose the Play Store is somewhat safer, but I don't trust it all that much.

May 09, 2014
9:36 AM EDT
gary_newell wrote:"take control of your contact lists, have access to your settings"

In short, Android has become Windows all over again. This is precisely the reason I changed from Windows to Linux in the first place and why I will have nothing to do with Android in the second place.

tuxchick wrote:but I don't trust it all that much.

Then why use it? What Android app is so indispensable as to force one to expose themselves to such a risk?

May 09, 2014
11:18 AM EDT
Gee notbob, maybe because I'm not like the binary humans who see things only in black and white, good and evil, you're with or against us, and who, once burned, never ever go near the stove again.

May 09, 2014
12:54 PM EDT
> "Gee ....maybe...."

That's yer answer? Along with a buncha wildly exaggerated examples desperately attempting to show how non-polar you are? C'mon, I'm not the one who said I use, but "don't trust", the platform. If you don't mind using technology you don't trust, so be it. I was merely inquiring. I already know what you are "not like". ;)

May 09, 2014
1:33 PM EDT
> ...because I'm not like the binary humans who see things only in black and white, good and evil, you're with or against us,..

Unless you donated to a certain political campaign 6 years ago, that is.

May 09, 2014
9:17 PM EDT
Not trusting the Play Store completely is not the same thing as not trusting Android. Android has not really shown itself particularly vulnerable to malware. By far most malware for Android comes in the form of Trojans, and no system is safe from Trojans because they rely on tricking the user into installing them rather than a system vulnerability. Now, if you want to be paranoid about what using Google software means to your privacy, that could be a good reason to not use the Play Store at all. However, it's quite possible to be paranoid about Trojans and still use software that you've evaluated yourself from the Play Store or other sources.

I'm not a particular fan of Android because I don't find it all that stable or responsive, and I'm not that thrilled with all the dealing with Google either. However, I don't find Trojans particularly scary. I use Android on tablets because there's nothing altogether better for the moment.

May 10, 2014
4:18 AM EDT
SInce I bought a chromecast, my Android tablet makes an excellent tv remote. There are some good apps that can be trusted.

BT Sport, BBC iPlayer, STV Player, ITV Player, 4OD, 5 on Demand, Sky Go. That is tv catchup covered.

Football Manager 2014, Grand Truckisimo, Stick Cricket, Darts. That is gaming covered.

Broadband Speed Checker. (Because BT lie about their speeds).

Reddit, Twitter, Blogger clients.

Online banking app.

There are some useful apps that you can use that don't really require a laptop and so I like my Android tablet for these purposes. I agree with Tuxchick. The play store can't wholely be trusted but if you trust the source of the app then you are fairly safe.

It is a bit like the city centre high street. Go into any of the main stream shops and you know you are protected. Use one of those side street shops that make offers to good to be true and you are likely to get stung.

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