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Story: HP's The Machine kicks Microsoft to the curb in favor of LinuxTotal Replies: 2
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Jun 15, 2014
4:30 AM EDT
I find this move by HP very satisfying and sincerely hope it succeeds. I think more and more of the IT world sees Linux (in one form or another) as the future of world computing. I don't think Microsoft will go out with a bang......more likely a whimper, and possibly an end like Sun Microsystems.....But 3 years ago, both myself and another Linux devotee here in Australia remarked on the "straws in the wind" that indicated the slow demise of the Redmond Empire.......the present situation is starting to resemble haystacks in a gale. 15-20 years anyone ??

Jun 15, 2014
5:30 PM EDT
A couple years ago, HP had a new, massively-parallel system called (TODO: find that name) that would run cluster Linux. I got to see a working prototype. The parallel CPU's were ARM, partly for the size of the core, partly for the low cooling requirements. Having experienced the heat put out by two 4-way PA-RISC machines, I believe it was a good move to switch to ARM.

Six months later, I checked on the status of HP's new system. The CPU's were switched to 32-bit x86. I shudder to think what kind of pressure HP was under, to make that switch.

I just hope Meg Whitman has the right people stumping for The Machine. People with good, clean records, blackmail-proof.

Jun 15, 2014
7:29 PM EDT
I don't think that it's blackmail, etc. that are involved... More likely,... just $$$...

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