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Story: Take the shame: Microsofties ADMIT to playing Internet Explorer name-change gameTotal Replies: 3
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Aug 18, 2014
3:46 PM EDT

(1) in light of Microsoft's {ahem} ground-breaking history in the arena of web-browser development, and

(2) Microsoft's more recent history in matters of more current interest,

that the new name for Microsoft's Internet Explorer should be...

Spyglass !!!


Yep. Works for me...


Aug 18, 2014
4:17 PM EDT
[very serious]

Why has it been forgotten that MS strong armed away the name from a small outfit, that it then ran into ground due to legal costs bankrupting it only to buy the rights fnally for a retaliative pittance of approximately I mil. USD from the bankruptcy administrators?

Once before I searched without success for the source. I checked for the story on multiple sites. Sadly, if it was on slashdot, it's lost forever. Does no one else remember this, but I?


Aug 18, 2014
4:23 PM EDT
I believe the makers of Spyglass are still in existence.

They won their suite against Microsoft (or settled?) and came away with a few million dollars -- but don't even list their browser in their achievements or show any reference to it on their bragging wall.

Aug 18, 2014
5:28 PM EDT
I believe Spyglass was the second commercial spin off of the original Mosaic code, after the folks who forked Netscape from it left to form Netscape.

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