what does this mean?

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Apr 09, 2017
12:41 AM EDT
Quoting:Updating is difficult because the Tizen development team is decentralized, and the OS has an Android-like defragmentation

i don't know what the decentralization of the development team has to do with it. maybe they mean compartementalization, where every team is responsible for different aspects, and it is not clear where the bugs are, and which team works on the area that needs to be fixed?

or it's this:

Quoting:"Products take Tizen and modify it and then ship a product and whatever group does that is in charge. The platform maintainers have limited influence or control over this,"

i actually talked to carsten a year ago and he explained this to me. his team is developing the tizen distribution. then different product teams inside samsung, like phones, tv, watch, etc, take the distribution, like any product business would take any other linux distribution, and adapt it to their needs, and of course are also responsible for providing upgrades.

so carsten and his team can fix bugs, but product teams need to pick up the fixes and push them down to their users.

and what about android like defragmentation? maybe they mean fragmentation here?

greetings, eMBee.

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