Congratulations to the Devuan team

Story: Devuan 1.0 Officially Released, It's Based on Debian Jessie, but without systemdTotal Replies: 4
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May 26, 2017
10:17 AM EDT
Congratulations for releasing a major milestone.

It's nice to see the Linux community ensure that there is a variety of tested alternative software choices available. The competition should help ensure that each init system keeps looking over their shoulder and not grow complacent with a leadership position (like SysV init did).


May 26, 2017
11:25 AM EDT
I second that congratulations to the Devuan developers! Great job!

May 26, 2017
11:32 AM EDT
Hurray for choice and for init freedom!

Hopefully, more Devuan derivative distros will appear, which could help slow down the systemd scourge and help prevent further insidious software dependencies on systemd.

Congrats to the Devuan team!

May 27, 2017
4:20 AM EDT
The Devuan 1.0.0 release is tagged "LTS". I tried to find more detailed information about the support cycle and official EOL date. Any idea where that information is to be found?

May 27, 2017
11:01 AM EDT
Congrats to the Devuan team! Am wondering WHEN Devuan's DistroWatch popularity (at no. 16 this week) will get much closer to the almighty systemd-laced Debian's??


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