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Jul 08, 2017
9:23 AM EDT
No doubt this would be covered up by so called 'anti-terrorist' measures for 'national security'.

We are still reading of a bunch of guys saying openly to the whole world, in the IT field : we WILL steal on you. We don't care about the private nature of your work, we don't care about what you think, we are not concerned about laws, we have all rights to do whatever.

That's the way it is stated, here in IT, and they have indeed much power to do that. For my part, it's naturally revolting to read about such behavior. I just wish to read also about what you LXer members think about that, especially, because it's the CIA showing off, from US citizens of the forum.

Thank you for sharing your views.

Jul 08, 2017
10:45 AM EDT
Well, reporting from 100 miles outside Austin, Texas...

Our federal government is completely out of control, out of it's Constitutional authority and accountability. And sadly, we Americans only have ourselves to blame for it. Trump is ok, it seems, with our unrestrained military-industrial complex and Homeland "Security" calling the shots. So, I don't expect anything to happen to correct it, as our founding fathers envisioned. Maybe Trump knows, if he even tries to go against them too hard, he will catch a bullet like Reagan (who warned us about the military-industrial complex).

The only thing that will correct the course it seems, is a violent revolution from the sheeple. And hanging some politicians from trees on the West Lawn.

Jul 08, 2017
1:58 PM EDT

I guess History was not your major, but to credit Reagan with Eisenhower's farewell speech and which the latter even disavowed, is a "bridge" or two too far.

If you are going to wallow in "Politics", at least get the citations correct.

Jul 09, 2017
12:15 AM EDT
> Trump is ok, it seems, with our unrestrained military-industrial complex and Homeland "Security" calling the shots.

Wait and see. It's too early to say much about Trump. But TxtEdMacs is correct, the last President to really worry about the problem was Eisenhower. This isn't a new problem.

But given the current federal debt and it's growth rate, it's probably a self correcting one. The US government as currently constituted won't last another 50 years if current trends continue.

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